Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jane Lee @ Osage Singapore

Osage Singapore is pleased to present the first major solo exhibition of Jane Lee's work since being awarded the Singapore Art Prize for her work at the Singapore Art Show in 2007. From Lee's investigations into processes of painting and materiality through to her recent large-scale installation presented at Singapore Biennale 2008, the exhibition offers audiences a rare opportunity to follow the development of her artistic practice from 2004 to the present day.

Lee's work examines painting by pushing the limits of the materials and techniques used in painting. Through her use of unconventional materials and innovative techniques, her paintings highlight their processes to draw attention to the way the paintings have been made or constructed, and in so doing re-examine painting's significance and relevance for contemporary art practice.

Opening Reception: 25.09.2009, 6:30pm

Public Programmes

'Abstraction Today'
Lecture by Prof. Tony Godfrey
17 October 2009 (Saturday), 3:00pm

Panel Discussion: 'Painting in Asia Today'
Participants: Prof. Tony Godfrey, Eugene Tan, and Tan Guo-Liang
07 November 2009 (Saturday), 3:00pm


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